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Touched By Its Rays

Announcing Publication of Walter Donway's New Book of Poetry

Touched By Its Rays, Walter Donway's new book of poetry, will be published in mid-February and available from www.objectivismstore.com. Touched By Its Rays is a publication of the Atlas Society; all income from its sale will go to support its work. Books can be ordered at a significant discount before February 15 by going to www.objectivismstore.com.

The book will be published in a hardcover first edition that includes almost 40 poems, including two long narratives, “Empire of Earth” and “A Sense of Life,” and a verse play, Naked.

Walter writes poetry within the enduring traditions of English and Americian poetry, the kind of poetry so many of us read and loved when we were growing up and going through school. Although he often writes about complex ideas and feelings, with resonant symbols and allusions, his style is never obscure or “difficult.” These are poems to read aloud and enjoy, to share, and to remember for their lyrical beauty and song.

Atlas Society founder, David Kelley, has commented on the book:

Walter’s poems cover an astonishing range of subject matter, from love to politics, from parenthood to Hurricane Katrina. There are ballads of great deeds, reflections on moments of experience, wry observations on manners and mores.

I have my favorites, you will have yours. What the poems have in common is a distinctive blend of thought, feeling, and poetic skill, revealing how the discipline of meter and rhyme is made to serve a wonderfully free and creative imagination.”

See more about this book at www.TouchedByItsRays.com, with discussion of the book, poems and excerpts, a brief bio of Walter Donway, links, and other features.

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