Rebirth of Reason

Favorite EditSanction this itemState of Fear by Michael Crichton, M.D.
<Strong><big>State of Fear</Strong></big>A series of deaths is traced to the toxin of the blue-ringed-octopus.

An MIT prodigy goes on an unexplained hiatus.

A playboy businessman donates $250,000 to an environmental fund, the check is deposited to buy war weapons.

A crew shows up to film hundreds of children drown in a flash flood, 30 minutes before rain begins to fall.

A cranky old professor interrupts a conference on the coming abrupt climate change disaster, calling the speakers "eco-pimps."

The playboy is named NERF's "concerned citizen of the year," and after he turns down the environmentalism award, his Ferrari runs off the California highway.

State of Fear is 600pp of mystery, footnotes, beautiful women, fast-paced action, and parties where socialites who mouth ecochondriac slogans throw fits when their host asks them to explain exactly what they mean by what they say.

I give this book an unqualified positive recommendation.

Ted Keer

Added by Ted Keer
on 7/01/2007, 12:02am

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