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From the Executive Director:

Executive Update: Objectivism 101 and More!!!
Posted by Joseph Rowlands on 5/30, 11:16pm
Hi everyone. It's been a while since I've done an Executive Update, so I have a number of announcements to make.

The first is that we just returned from our first conference as Rebirth of Reason where we spent a few days in two beautiful houses and sunny Florida. With the new focus on activism, we had a few speeches on the topic. Ed Hudgins, Executive Director of TOC/Atlas Society, gave a speech outlining his own methods of activism, including some of his grander goals. Frank Bubb gave a talk on his activism in the political arena in Florida, and how he's taking on price gouging legislation and eminent domain laws. I gave an outline of the direction I'm taking my activist efforts. We also had Kurt Eichert give a talk on Thomas Barnett's geopolitical ideas.

More close to home, we've added a local club and a new interest group.

Will Providence has created a local club for people in Colorado. Take a look at RoR Colorado.

Erica Schulz has started an interest group to talk about Technology and Computers. She claims she's not an expert, but she has enough interest to take on the position of the interest group leader. I hope you'll join us there.

Ed Thompson has decided to take on new responsibilities as well. He's going to take on a long needed position of Director of Outreach. I got him to volunteer for the job before discussing clear responsibilities, so expect to see a ton of work come from him. Thanks Ed!

The big announcement is a project I've been working on for some time. When I created Rebirth of Reason, I said I wanted to focus more on activism. I've been quietly doing that while Ethan Dawe has heroically kept RoR going with daily articles every day. During the conference, I made the announcement of the completion of one of my projects. Objectivism101.com.

This site is a new educational resource that provides information about Objectivism at many levels. It starts with an introduction for laymen about what the philosophy is. It has an Objectivism Glossary, a mirror of Importance of Philosophy, and my Objectivism 101 lecture series, which provides a detailed explanation of the philosophy for those who want to gain a more systematic understanding.

Please take a look and give me feedback if you have it. If you like what you see, I ask that you add a link on your own web page(s) to help let people know about this valuable new resource

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