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From the Executive Director:

New Editor!
Posted by Joseph Rowlands on 12/07, 11:03pm
Good news everyone!  We've got a new editor for Rebirth of Reason.  Ethan Dawe has stepped up to fill that critical position, and I'm happy to have him onboard the staff.  He's already brought a high level of energy to the position and we're exploring ideas of how to make improvements.  Thanks Ethan!

As a way to thank him, please submit your own articles so he has plenty to choose from and doesn't have to feel the stress of an empty queue.  If you're looking for ideas on what to write about, the War Room has a number of suggestions for the Defense of Capitalism site.

I'd also like to encourage people to write about where they believe activism would best be applied or what they do as an activist.  If your from or currently live outside of the US, I'd love to see an article explaining the unique obstacles and opportunities you believe exist in that country.  Interest group leaders or local club coordinators might want to write about how they see their own groups fit into the activism role.  Let's start the brainstorming for activism now!

Let me also remind everyone about the War Room.  You should be able to see on the front page a current activism task that's easy to do, and can make a real difference.  It's part of a larger project called "Promote Objectivism" and will include ways that people can help get the word out.  For any project, you can submit your own suggestions for tasks, and the project owner will decide whether it fits with the overall goal.

If you're interested in starting your own project on the War Room, just let me know.  It's a good way of recruiting help for small tasks, and giving people recognition for doing their part.
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