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From the Director of Operations:

Director of Operations Update: October 15, 2005
Posted by Julia Brent on 10/14, 10:29pm


Take a short step to the lever machine, and punch your vote . . . below are five fabulous villas, potential locations for SOLOC 5. Conference to be held May 28th thru June 3rd, 2006.

#1: Kissimmee, Florida

The first villa is not one, but two - side by side in the exclusive gated resort of "Emerald Isle." Each has a heated pool with spa and air-conditioned games room. Together they sleep 32, plus couch and floor space. Cost: for seven days an average cost of $140/person, or less. Flights into approximate as follows: DC - $160; London- $1,602; LAX - $270; Auckland- there's special deals on now to get to LAX for $1,200, so around $1500 total. Close to Disneyworld and Universal Studios.

For the link to this site, click here.

#2: "Mysterio," St. George's Island, Florida

This luxury beach house is also in Florida, but far from Disney. It faces the beach, and is surrounded by miles of wildlife sanctuary. There are good restaurants, pubs, and shopping nearby. The interior is nicer than Kissimmee, though smaller, and it is self-described: "luxurious six bedroom, six and a half bath beachfront home with five masters, three living areas, fireplace, elevator, 9 TVs/DVDs/VCRs, stereo, and intercom. Kitchen has granite countertops, a double oven, and two dishwashers. Wet bar. Upscale furnishings including extra-thick mattresses on beds. Private heated pool with hot tub, fish cleaning area. Fee for high-speed internet access.

Cost: averages approximately $140/person for the week. Flights into Talahassee are steeper than Orlando, for example - from LAX it is $350, plus an hour's drive into the island.

The site link is here.

#3: Change is Bad! I want to go back to Newport, California

The location of SOLOC 4 was dazzling. Lovely house, lovely people, lovely people taking off their clothes (not us, of course!) Contingent on availability, vote to return, if you wish.

If you get into the house, average cost would likely be $100 - $250 for the week, plus your flight into LAX, and shuttle in. The dwelling is smaller than others, so we would help overflow attendees find hotel space.

#4: Salmon Lake, Island Lodge, Montana - Ultra-Posh $$$

Salmon Island Lodge is Objectivist-pimped-out luxury. They are self-described:

Enjoy our unique, contemporary log mansion, with five fireplaces and 11 luxury guest rooms and suites, each with a unique style of its own. The facility includes a fitness center, outdoor hot tub and bonfire deck, all in a park-like setting.
OUTDOOR SPLENDOR Surrounding the lodge is 8,000 square feet of decking and walkway to the dock, providing endless opportunities for relaxation, meetings and entertainment. A most enticing bonfire deck overlooking the lake provides a spectacular end to any day.
SPACIOUS GUEST ROOMS Private baths, with bathrobes and hair dryers Satellite television Sliding glass doors to outside decks Views of Salmon Lake and surrounding backcountry from every room
IMPECCABLE SERVICE From the moment you arrive, you'll have the complete attention of our expert staff. After being transported by private boat to the island, you'll start and end each day in a relaxing, tranquil environment, enabling your group to concentrate on the task at hand.

Close to the very cool town of Missoula.

For the link, click here.

Cost: Including gourmet meals, I talked the owner "down" (ha) to $100 per person, per day. Flights to Missoula from LAX: $400.

#5: Las Vegas, Nevada - Casinos and Nightlife

vacation rental home#19870 picture 2 vacation rental home #19870 picture 5

"This beautiful home is fully furnished and is the perfect gathering place for groups! Comes fully equipped with all the necessities, 14 beds, 5 Bathrooms, 7500 Square Feet, Private Pool, Private Spa, Big Screen TV, Pool Table, Complete Kitchen, Two Fireplaces, Washer and Dryer, Gas Barbeque, VCR, Stereo - CD player, Hair Dryers, 2 Car Garage, and Park Size Yard."

Cost: average at $250/person for the week. Closest airport is "McCarran." The link to this site can be found here.

#5 & #6: St. Lucia & New Zealand

There was a bit of trouble finding accomodations for villas large enough in St. Lucia and New Zealand (30-40 people). Please post exact websites if you have them, and we will vote on them, too.


Last time month I said the following: "Itís difficult to overstate the importance of experiencing SOLOHQ for the first time. Some have described it as not only thrilling, but even overwhelming. The caliber of writing is superior, and many people posting are stars in their industry. To assist the approximately 100 new people a month who are signing on, I am preparing a system, both personal and standardized, to help new members not only understand our commitment to the highest, but also reach their own potential, as they join us in learning to use SOLOHQ as a catalyst for moral excellence."

By the end of next week, our gifted webmasters will cause the following message to appear in the SOLO inbox of a person who has just recently joined. Please let me know if you have suggestions of thoughts to add:

Welcome! and congratulations on enlisting with a community dedicated to expressing the total passion for the total height. I hope that as you read, post, and write articles, that your developing ability to reason with excitement, hope, and dedication will enrich your life, while it facilitates your personal evolution. Not only are you free to say what you mean here, but you will find others who mean what they say. It is my deepest wish that above all, you will be true to yourself.

You will discover individuals who are adamantly pro-hero, to the point of ruthlessness. The nasty, wet-blanketing, joy-popping bubble bursters are fired upon by those who wage the war of ideas in words. You will see it happen, and it will be your glory. Some are intensely brilliant, and some of us are less so, but many are giving it their deepest effort. Most important, you are safe here to trade the currency of your mind, to grow larger than you have been, and to brush against giants. It is my honor and privilege to salute your prospective success.

I am always available if you have questions or concerns, please contact me anytime.

Let me know if you are interested in doing a bit of mentoring to those newcomers who wish for it. If you have recently joined the site, and feel you need a walk around, please let me know.

Deductible Contributions

Legal research is ongoing, many thanks to the SOLO members who have pitched in their expertise. Please contact me if you would like to participate in setting up our non-profit status. The paperwork is ludicrous, and a sense of rebellion against the layers of bureaucracy is part of the reason many of us are focusing our studies on Objectivism.

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