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Sanctions: 22
From the Director of Operations:

Director of Operations Update: September 15, 2005
Posted by Julia Brent on 9/15, 12:55pm
Julia Brent has over ten years of legal experience, an added three managing multi-million dollar budgets for the Department of Justice, and is now at the executive level of an international non-profit.  She accepted the position of Director of Operations for SOLOHQ in April, 2005. 
This is the first Operations Update on the top activities: 

SOLOHQ 5th Anniversary Conference

The delight of trading ideas with passionate, rational people cannot be measured.  The villa setting in warm weather has proven itself pleasurable for the last four events.  This year, I am publishing an article and a poll, showing researched venues for you to choose, each emphasizing one or more of the best of a variety of factors, including cost, quality, and location.   From California, to Montana, to Florida . . . look to cast your vote next week.

Less Tax:  More Money for Skirmishes

Up until now, contributions to SOLOHQ have been non-deductible.  In spite of our status, we have been approached by individuals wishing to contribute funds for the following ventures:  full-time standing for permanent staff, research projects on-demand, support for those participating in the “Claim-it!” War Room Assignments, and publication and distribution of SOLO articles.  To accommodate patrons, I am setting up a 501(c)(3) entity to be the resource depot for these dynamic campaigns.
I’ve set up a Forum thread, "NOT for profit??" if you have questions or thoughts here 


It’s difficult to overstate the importance of experiencing SOLOHQ for the first time.  Some have described it as not only thrilling, but even overwhelming.  The caliber of writing is superior, and many people posting are stars in their industry.  To assist the approximately 100 new people a month who are signing on, I am preparing a system, both personal and standardized, to help new members not only understand our committment to the highest, but also reach their own potential, as they join us in learning to use SOLOHQ as a catalyst for moral excellence.

Best of SOLOHQ 

I would like to compliment and appreciate Robert (“Wolf”) Davison for clocking in hours on the new Best of SOLOHQ compilation, an arrangement of articles from the commencement of the site until now.  We are preparing to go to hard press with the collection in 2006.
Updates are issued monthly, on the 15th.
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