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From the Founder and Principal:

Executive Update for August, 2005.
Posted by Lindsay Perigo on 9/01, 3:24am
I’m doing the update this month, ‘cos Joe is exhausted from his new day-job. I’m assured he’ll be able to afford the very best rest home!

Growth has proceeded apace since the last update, with 120 new members, 42 new Extended Profiles, and 9 new authors. 

During this time SOLO received dishonorable mention on a couple of Randroid sites/blogs. Clearly, in the tradition of "any publicity is good publicity" the helpful comments did us no harm. Equally, certain high-level departures have not been as damaging as the two departees might have hoped. The inexplicable attack they made on me as they left served only to rally those who knew the untruth of it. I am very saddened by the exit of Barbara and James and the manner of it, but it was their choice. Completely unnecessary and deeply dumb, but their choice. I thank them for the splendid—often inspiring—contributions they made while here.

Several talented writers joined the roster this month–Marty Lewinter, Andy Postema, Dennis Hardin, Mark Humphrey, Roger Bissell, Merlin Jetton, Chris Phoenix, Max Schwing and Fraser Stephen-Smith. The prize for sparking the liveliest discussion thread undoubtedly goes to Mr. Hardin’s article, containing as it did a Nathaniel Branden quote that set off a maelstrom. Michael Stuart Kelly stopped talking to Andy Postema and Phil Coates went on one of his civility tangents. In fact, Phil Coates went on civility tangents on just about every thread, which has prompted me to announce a new feature for these monthly updates. (I hope the recipients will accept this honor in the spirit in which it is offered!):

The Linz 'Boring Old Fart of the Month' Award.

This Month’s Winner: Phil Coates!


I tried. I told Phil, as civilly as I could manage, that he needed to get out more and stop doing his tiresome impersonations of prissy schoolmistresses. I told him that in the time he spent impersonating prissy schoolmistresses he could be writing stellar articles. He could be discovering a new Shiraz, or scaring the hell out of some poor unsuspecting date with his trichotomy. These would all be fun things for Phil to do. But Phil has an inner drooling beast, an addiction that threatens to consume him and destroy SOLO by boring all SOLOists to death. Since he is not prepared to name it, I must. Phil Coates, you are a prissyholic. Worse, a boring prissyholic. I hereby pronounce you the first-ever recipient of the Boring Old Fart of the Month Award!

Congratulations, Phil! But I sincerely hope you don’t win this one twice in a row!

Serious point in all this: civility at the expense of justice is no virtue. Phil was rightly called on the moral equivalence of his civility-above-all-else approach by Adam Reed, who had just been a casualty of it.

Other developments: I am about to commence full-time work for SOLO. With the demise of the television programme I was employed on, I’ve decided that SOLO shall be my day-job henceforth. Once I’ve sorted a few logistical matters out, you’ll be seeing a lot more of me.

A new Free Radical is on the way. Though it focuses heavily on this month’s general election in New Zealand, its themes are universal and will resonate with U.S. and U.K. readers. In what I hope is a typically KASS editorial, I say I’ll be voting for Libertarianz and explain why this will not be a "wasted vote." On other subjects, the pick of recent superb articles by SOLOists Mouhibian, Kelly, Bachler and Machan is reprinted. To secure your copy, subscribe here.

Joe Rowlands’ All or Nothing from the previous Free Radical is now appearing in instalments here on SOLOHQ. It’s a stunning antidote to the plague of rationalism. Joe originally presented this at SOLOC 4 earlier this year. To have this gem in quality hard copy ... again, you should subscribe.

Director of Operations Julia Brent is beavering away on important projects. We hope to have announcements relating to these in the next update.

Finally, this month's stats in detail:

Articles on SOLOHQ: 1369 (57 this month)
Forum posts on SOLOHQ: 60,800(5500 this month)
Author Count: 164 (8 new authors this month)
SOLOHQ Members: 1838 (120 new members this month)
Extended Profiles: 155 (42 new extended profiles this month)
Page Hits: 565,500

An excellent month. SOLO on!

Rational passion and passionate reason!


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