Rebirth of Reason

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From the Editor:

Where are the results?!
Posted by Andrew Bissell on 8/23, 9:05pm
My fellow SOLOists, you disappoint me. I can count at least five of you, off the top of my head, who have said they are working on articles, or have ideas for articles, or had some vague dream of an article that they jotted in their dream journal.

Each day I log on hoping to find a sparkling new nugget in the article queue, but so far there has been nothing, and the sluice box is beginning to run very dry indeed. Like Orren Boyles and Jim Taggarts, you keep promising to produce something, with "just a little more time." Well, that time has run out!

I will be out of town on a float trip--communing with nature and otherwise avoiding internet entanglements--this Friday thru Sunday. I would very much like to see the queue well-stocked, with a barrage of articles ready to run over the weekend, when I leave. So get cracking, before I hand Linz a whip and tell him to get cracking! (On your backsides, not mine, of course ....)

Those who have submitted articles over the past couple of weeks receive a stay of execution. To Marty and Adam in particular: you've been great! And if the rest of these slackers don't get to work, you may just be SOLO for the next week or two ....
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