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From the Editor:

Give Me Articles or Give Me Death!
Posted by Andrew Bissell on 8/06, 9:52pm
And please don't make it death!

Fellow SOLOists, the erudition and intelligence of your Forum posts continues to amaze me, yet my article cupboard lays bare. So send me your writings, your thoughts, your hidden prose yearning to breathe free!

Any Joe Sixpack with a keyboard can sit back and hold forth on what he thinks SOLOists should be doing ... only you can make SOLO "what it can be and ought to be" by scrolling down and clicking "Contribute Content." So send me your articles today, and the way things are looking, they'll probably go up tomorrow!

A few suggestions to help you in your endeavors:
-Keep subjects and verbs united! If you separate them with fifty feet of modifiers, asides, and prepositions, your readers will
 be as lost as Linz in an MTV studio.
-Avoid passive voice like the plague! "Was," "have," and "ing" are the Timorous Trio, to be avoided at all costs, lest they
 suck the very lifeblood from your voice.
-I keep getting love letters addressed to me in the article queue. Please, make use of the SOLOMail feature, and your
 entreaties will be satisfied in due course.

I'm looking forward to your submissions!

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