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From the Executive Director:

Executive Update for July, 2005
Posted by Joseph Rowlands on 7/31, 10:00pm
This month we've had a rapid growth of new members, increasing my 164.  Looks like word is getting around about us.  The extended profile system is getting some use, with 73 new participants.  I see a lot of people without pictures, though.  If you don't have a picture sent in, you should do it.  Send a digital image to Jeff at admin@solohq.com.  You may have noticed a lot of new pictures have been put up recently.  Thanks to Jeff for all the hard work.

Sometime last year I quit my day job and have been putting a lot of time into improving SOLO and contributing content.  Sad to say, my vacation is over.  I've just started an exciting new job at a start-up, and so I'll be pretty busy from now on.  That means new features will be less frequent, and maintenance may take longer than normal.  It also means I may not follow every thread as thoroughly, so if you think I should know about anything, just send me a note.

The latest Free Radical is out.  And it's fantastic.  Lots of pictures from SOLOC4.  A wonderful article by myself on the "All or Nothing" Fallacy.  Great interviews with some of Objectivists rising stars.  And plenty more.  Subscribe now!

There are no new features to speak of.  I did make a modification to the email software system we use, for those who receive their posts by email.  There was a previous bug that caused some people not to receive their messages when a previous user had a bad email address.  It should be working now.  That means some of you may be receiving many more emails than you used to.  I also made a slight adjustment to it so when someone makes an html link, it will send that link to text-only email browsers.

We have one new SOLO local club, SOLO Indiana.  Landon Erp is running the show.  If you're living in Indiana, or are otherwise interested, you should sign up.  If you're not, you should sign up for the local club near you.  If you don't see one, contact me and you can set one up.

New Staff

1.) Landon Erp is the new SOLO Indiana Coordinator
1.) katdaddy is the new SOLO Romance Leader.

SOLO Feature review:

Did you know you can add Riddles?  There's an "Add Riddle" button when you click "contribute content".

Available Positions:

Interested in running an interest group?  We have some without leaders right now.
1.) SOLO Food
2.) SOLO Education
3.) SOLO Law

In addition, there have been discussions of other interest groups but we're waiting for someone to take a leadership role.  SOLO Psychology was one.  Maybe a history one as well?  How about one for academics?  If you have ideas, just contact me.


Want to help take over the world? Here are some simple ideas you can do to help.
1.) Take this time to contribute money and help pay for SOLOHQ. We take credit card.Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
2.) Write articles.

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3.) Bookmark our Amazon referral page http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/redirect-home/importanceofp-20 so that we get a percent of Amazon's profits from your purchases. Lots of people use Amazon, and if you use our associate program, we benefit at no cost to you. You can right click on this link and "Add to Favorites" or "Bookmark this link".
4.) Put www.solohq.com in your email signature file. It's an easy way to spread the word about the best Objectivist website on the planet.
5.) Do you have a webpage? Add a link to SoloHQ.com. Also, add a link to our Ayn Rand page at http://www.solohq.com/ayn_rand/ayn_rand.shtml and our Objectivism page at http://www.solohq.com/Objectivism/. These improve our Google ranking and make it easier for young minds to find passionate reason and rational passion on the web.


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