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Reason Vs. ForceToday, the Providence Journal published a letter to the editor I submitted. It is under the title "Reason Vs. Force." http://www.projo.com/opinion/letters/content/letters06-22-10_06-22-10_ONIU1U5_v7.1d60c13.html  

The title was not my choice and the letter was edited, but only slightly.
In case the link doesn't work, here is the letter:
Reason vs. force  

 The decades-long violent dispute between Israel and its enemies is not quite as complex as so many claim. The dispute is simply a matter of reason and freedom versus faith and force. Israel embraces the former, its enemies the latter. The Gaza Strip is ruled by Hamas, whose stated goals include the complete destruction of Israel and the extermination of all Jews.
Iran, which financially sponsors Hamas, has also openly stated these goals. These Islamic totalitarians want nothing less than the complete worldwide merger of Islam and state. This would include a United States run under Sharia, the sacred law of Islam.
Israelís only fault over the years is in making concessions to its enemies in exchange for peace. These concessions have only emboldened Israelís enemies and produced nothing but more demands and more violence against the Israelis.
As was proven on 9/11, Israelís enemies are our enemies. I stand with Israel.
Bob Palin Warwick

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