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Advertising Liberty in Auckland

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Advertising Liberty in AucklandI've been advertising Liberty in Auckland recently - I've completed a SOLO Flyer drop in Onehunga (the suburb in which I live) and will shortly be presenting the local Borders bookshop with a stack to display in their music section (it's amazing what one can achieve with a polite phone call). I have been emailed a design for some Libertarianz posters, which I'll be using & distributing as well.

Lately, I've been driving around with some posters from BureauCrash on my car - they have some excellent posters on their site, as well as stickers, banners and videos. They've got a strong conservative streak, but most of their messages are sound (I particularly like "Smoking Is Healthier Than Fascism" - which is currently displayed on my car).

So come on, SOLOists - get out there and sell the concept of Liberty!
Added by Duncan Bayne
on 9/03/2004, 5:48pm

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