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A Call to Action

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A Call to Action

I am writing you because of the outrage I feel at the protests going on worldwide against capitalist democracies. I don't know what else to do or how else to reach out.

On the road to the G20 meetings, many countries have felt it necessary to form marches, blaming capitalism for the worlds' economic woes--and are calling for more restrictions on our economy, which translates into less freedom for all. This is obviously another violation of rights. We don't live in a strictly capitalist system and I feel the interventionism in business and global problems would far better explain the root of the problem.

I do not know the effectiveness of marches and protests insofar as legislative response goes. I do know that we have to respond to this. We have to have a loud voice saying not everyone wants to socialize the banks; not every one wants economic reform to move towards regulation. That, in large numbers, we want things to head in the opposite direction. We do have a huge community sharing our beliefs on the Internet, but we need to demonstrate, to say it louder.

I have no experience organizing any political action, ever. I just know that we must be heard. We must speak up for ourselves. I have no plans for dates, times, or places because I though I should get minimally a group of 100 people before any of that should even be discussed.

I have spent the past few days posting calls to action on whatever threads I could find and searching through event calendars. I have been sending e-mails to all capitalist, libertarian, and objectivist organizations I have been able to find. I am sorry that I am wasting you're valuable time, if you are not interested. Please, help if you are interested and capable of getting the word out, which I think you are. Please contact at my e-mail address: wehavetowalk@yahoo.com.

Thank you,
Schenectady, New York
Added by Amelia M. Vreeland
on 3/29, 2:21pm

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