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Atlas Shrugged Book Campaign

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Atlas Shrugged Book CampaignI am sponsoring an Atlas Shrugged Book Campaign event during the month of April to coordinate with the Tea Party tax protests scheduled across the country for April 15th, 2009. The idea is to extend the message of that protest beyond one focused exclusively on excessive taxation into the broader realms of freedom, the restoration of individual rights, the need to take personal responsibility for one's own life, and limiting the scope of government to its original constitutional mandates.

The ides is to have people purchase one or more copies of Atlas Shrugged during the month of April and send it to various politicians with a letter expressing their personal concerns over current government policies and proposals and the direction in which the country is being steered.

My expectation is that the huge spike in the sales of the book will lead to news coverage that will get our message of protest into the main stream media, and that the volume of books received by the politicians will send a clear message to them that they better wake up and pay attention to the growing body of dissidents who are rapidly coalescing into a an organized force.

The long range goal of this and future campaigns is to redirect our culture back towards one of personal autonomy and individual responsibility. But the more immediate, short range goal of this action is to throw a wrench into the machinery of the Obama administration and halt the implementation of some of the draconian proposals being pushed through such as the further socialization of the medical, financial and automotive industries, among others.

Click on the image below or go to http://go-galt.org for more details on this campaign, and information on how you can participate and be heard. Thanks for your support.

Jeffery Small

Atlas Shrugged Book Campaign

P.S.: I am not regularly monitoring this forum, so if you would like to communicate further regarding this action, please write to me at: jeff@go-galt.org

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