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Greenspan No Objectivist

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Greenspan No ObjectivistIn response to this 10/30/08 editorial published in the Providence Journal (circulation 149,094,) I wrote this letter which they published today, 11/6/08. In case the link to my letter expires, here it is:

In her Oct. 30 Commentary piece ("Our very own bucket shops"), Froma Harrop equates Alan Greenspan with Ayn Rand and Objectivism. But this is akin to equating Judas with Jesus and Christianity or Aristotle with Plato and Platonism because of their past associations. Greenspan abandoned Objectivism decades ago. He is not an advocate of capitalism but, rather, an apologist for capitalism.

Contrary to Harrop's assertions, it is not capitalism that has failed. It is regulation of the economy that has failed. And what do Greenspan, Harrop and their ilk advocate? More regulation. In other words, more power to the power seekers in government.

Rand was right. And it may soon be time for the producers to go on strike against these looters and moochers.

Bob Palin
Warwick, RI

Added by Bob Palin
on 11/06, 3:54pm

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