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URGENT: The New Individualist needs your VOTE...ASAP!

<b>URGENT</b>: <I>The New Individualist</I> needs your VOTE...ASAP!Dear RoR friends:

About a week ago, I asked many of you to help The New Individualist, the monthly magazine that I edit, win $10,000 to develop our new website. All you had to do was cast your vote for us in an online entrepreneurship contest.

Well, many of you know and appreciate the magazine, and you responded. And thanks to you, we won last week's semi-final competition, propelling us into the final round.

Now, I'm asking you to vote again, one last time, in the FINAL round of the competition...before MIDNIGHT EASTERN TIME THIS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30. Even if you voted in the previous round, you can vote again this week -- and we need every vote.

Here's the deal:

As I explained, we've entered an online entrepreneurship contest. We've submitted an idea of creating live, interactive news events for our forthcoming TNI website, which will go online at the beginning of 2008. If we win, the money will fund a cutting-edge "TNI TV" feature. This dazzling technology will present live, interactive shows that will feature our writers, editors, and special interview guests. Online audience members (like you) will get to participate by asking questions of the guests. Real-time polling will be conducted during the shows. And our advertisers will appear live, too, to share their wares.

Even though we won the semi-final round, we know that hundreds of people visited our online voting page without actually casting a vote. Some people later told us that our voting instructions weren't clear. So, maybe you tried, and couldn't figure out how to do it.

So here are the simplified instructions for online voting. If you have any problems, please call managing editor Sherrie Gossett at 800-374-1776 or on her cell at 571-926-0532. She'd be happy to walk you through the brief process.

Please do the following right away:

1. Copy and paste the following URL into your browser:

http://ideablob.com/ideas/527- Interactive-web- based-news-even

(Note: you will see the name "MightyMouse" on this page. This simply the username managing editor Sherrie Gossett created. Also, the page make take a moment to load up -- no doubt because many people are voting. PLEASE BE PATIENT FOR A MOMENT.)

2. If you previously voted, go to the top of the page and LOGIN. Then skip to step 5, below.

3. If you have not previously voted, go to the top of the page and click on "register." (You can opt out of any future "spam" contacts.)

4. Follow the registration instructions; it will only take a couple of minutes. You will be sent an email to confirm your identity; click on the URL to send it back. Then you'll be sent back to our voting page again.

5. To vote, click on the green "thumbs up" box: (it reads: "Like this idea? Vote for it now")

That's all! Our victory in this final round will win us the grand prize. And it won't cost you a thing, except a couple of minutes of your time. But it will mean a great deal to us if we win.

Thank you once again for your "vote of confidence" in The New Individualist.

-- Robert Bidinotto
The New Individualist

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on 11/29, 5:17pm

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