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Update: Objectivism Presentation and FreeRad Gift Subscriptions

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Sanctions: 8
Update: Objectivism Presentation and FreeRad Gift SubscriptionsI've been very busy during the last few months; I'm getting married on the 21st of December, my fiancees family is coming to stay, we're renovating our house, and I'm in the final phases of the release of a new product at work. So, I've been trying to focus my activities on reaching the maximum number of people for the least investment of time.

I have written to Freyberg High School, where I spent many of my teenage years to offer them a Free Radical subscription for their library. I stronly encourage other SOLOists to do likewise. A years subscription is fairly cheap, and has the potential to reach & improve thousands of young, developing minds.

I also gave a presentation on Objectivism to my colleagues at work, as discussed on the Forum. It went very well; although I'm not very experienced at giving presentations, I managed to engage the audiences interest, generating many questions. Usefully, many of my answers to questions involved explaining my position on the issue, then saying something like "this issue has been discussed recently on SOLO, if you're interested I'll email you a link to the article". Afterwards, I wound up spending an hour and a half sitting around with half a dozen interested people, chatting about Objectivism, philosophy and politics.

The presentation is available in both Microsoft PowerPoint and OpenOffice formats; you can download it from my website. If you have any feedback, please post it here. I'm especially keen to hear from people who do this kind of thing regularly.
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on 12/02/2004, 11:21am

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