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Feeding the Hungry

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Feeding the Hungry9 Avalon Road
Santa Fe, NM 87508
May 5, 2004
The Editor
The Santa Fe New Mexican

Dear Sir/Madame:

John Betchik (letter May 2) appears to agree with Richard Barr who wrote in his "The Conscious Investor" column of March 16: "America will never be secure until everyone's basic needs are met. The lack of food, shelter, clothing and medical care are the seeds of unrest and violence in America and around the world." The concept of "feeding the hungry and clothing the naked to make us secure" is just a floating abstraction. Before I would dare to agree or disagree with it I would want to know the specifics of the agenda. Just how many naked, hungry people are there? One billion? Two? Three? How much will this cost? How will the welfare be delivered? How will it affect our economy? How do we insure that it doesn't just end up in the hands of scoundrels? In my opinion, the most compassionate thing we can do is to trade with third world countries, to our mutual benefit.

Paul Hibbert

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on 5/09/2004, 7:34pm

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