Rebirth of Reason


The Benefits of Being Attacked?
by Kyrel Zantonavitch

Although it's true enough that 9/11 has resulted in a perfectly deplorable increase in American taxation (of the war variety) and regulation (of the civil liberties variety) -- there have also been many good developments in the US government.

#1. Right after the 9/11 savagery, President Bush correctly observed that our Islamic enemy wasn't of the normal and traditonal variety, such as Britain in the War of 1812, Spain in the Spanish-American War, or Germany in the two World Wars. Instead Bush labeled this new and unpredictable enemy "pure evil." This is reminiscent of President Reagan's resonant and hugely important description of the Soviet Union as an "Empire of Evil." Both rhetorical flourishes were very true -- and very powerful.

#2. Right after 9/11, President Bush said he would make no distinction between Islamic terrorists "and those who harbor them," including whole countries.

#3. Very quickly afterwards, Western intellectuals finally came to realize a transcendent truth which the world had failed to grasp for a full decade: that the billion-man "green menace" had now replaced -- and was every bit as bad and deadly as -- the old "red" (communist) and "brown" (fascist) menaces. This is so even though President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair -- caught up in foolish, conventional PC sensitivity -- are loathe to admit it.

#4. Over time, the US Administration came to favor "preemptive" action against at least one of the evil Islamic states: Iraq. In time, Iran and others -- which are oh-so-deserving -- may soon follow.

#5. Over time, the US administration came to favor full "regime change" of some of these evil Islamic states.

#6. Recently -- and in explicit repudiation of the consensus of the '90s -- the US Administration came to favor "nation-building" for those evil Islamic states -- a la Germany and Japan after World War II.

#7. Very soon it seems the US will come to openly advocate "liberating" those self-same Islamic slave states.

All of this is to the good. And it's all new and because of 9/11.

September 11th may have been unique in its pure horror -- but it seems to have also been an object lesson for civilized people everywhere. It forced us to confront many important facts of reality.

Of course, it's going to be a long time before American deeds ever match American words. Still, the above rhetoric is a very positive and hopeful development on the world scene. Moreover, after freeing and occupying Iraq, we should be in a very good position to capture or heavily influence Iran, Saudi Arabia, and all those other mass-murdering, tyrannical nations. Even if most of them aren't conquered by the mighty American military, they might experience profound pro-freedom "regime change" under US pressure, i.e., sweet "gunboat diplomacy" (now "airship diplomacy").

Of course, we can't expect too much help this time around from our "allies" in the region. Because they know only too well: they're next. Not that most Americans currently admit or understand this. But the internal logic of the seven ideological sea changes listed above will soon compel us to this.

And when the time for wholesale invasion finally comes -- hopefully soon -- both the Americans and Arabs will quickly come to love this radical increase in Middle Eastern freedom. Even most of the leadership of those miserable Arabic tyrannies -- except perhaps those at the very top-- secretly want this.

And once Iraq is finally liberated -- or at least as much as their low, primitive culture will quickly allow -- it may soon come time for the great US army to turn around, come home, and liberate us. Americans too, obviously, have an evil "pinko," welfare-state, taxation/regulation, semi-slave government which itself desperately needs "regime change."

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