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2003 Michael Newberry Calendar
by Barry Kayton

Ladies and gentlemen,

It gives me great pleasure to announce that you can now purchase a limited edition Michael Newberry 2003 calendar online, exclusively from SoloHQ.com.

I approached Michael in the middle of September with the suggestion that we produce a calendar featuring his major works--to which he responded with enthusiasm. One month later, the calendars have been produced and are immediately available to you at the SoloHQ store.

Each calendar consists of 14 cards, printed in full color on quality board. The cover features Michael's painting Denouement, and one unique work graces each month from January through to December. The fourteenth card features thumbnails of all the Newberry works included in the calendar, as well as a complete listing of the title, date, medium and size of each original.

The cards are packaged in a CD-like, translucent jewel case. When fully opened, the case forms a display stand which will find an elegant home on your desk or coffee table. Given the striking quality of Michael Newberry's paintings, the calendar is bound to become a talking point amongst colleagues and friends. But the real value of the calendar is the opportunity to add a touch of the Newberry sense of life to your world every day.

This is the first time Michael Newberry's work has been featured in a calendar and, as such, it would not surprise me if it takes on the status of a collector's item in years to come.

Please click through to the store where you can see a few sample images from the calendar. Also, don't forget to browse Michael's site to see the diverse range of his work.

By the way, SoloHQ will donate a percentage of all sales to the Foundation For the Advancement of Art, which Michael founded to encourage innovative representational painting and sculpture as the alternative to postmodern art in the world's leading contemporary art museums. SOLO itself will receive a percentage of sales, which will be invested to take SOLO to its next stage of development.

It remains for me to thank: Michael Newberry fo allowing me to produce the calendar; Anna Moody of AM Advertising for donating the scans; Joe Rowlands and Jeff Landauer for their encouragement and behind-the-scenes work setting up the PayPal account and links; Craig Ceely, Joy Bushnell, and Ashley Frazier for their editorial suggestions; -- and to SOLO founder, Lindsay Perigo, without whom SOLO would not exist.

Finally, I would encourage you to purchase early to avoid disappointment! The calendar will make a wonderful end-of-year gift, but stocks are limited and shipping is expected to take 14 to 21 days.

To order, go to: http://solohq.com/Books/newberry_calendar/

Thank you,

Barry Kayton

Director of Sales and Marketing


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