Rebirth of Reason


Another Call to Arms
by Brett Holverstott


In the back of the Free Radical 51, it reads "Michael Newberry, a big hit at the SOLO conference, is the eternal optimist. He believes he can take on the art establishment & win." Here's what's happening:

--In London, Ivan Massow, (who after being advised by Michael Newberry was bucked from the position as Chairman of the Institute of Contemporary Arts for denouncing Concept Art) has established the Institute for Contemporary Culture (available at culturetm.org) towards bringing about an esthetic revolution.

--In America, Michael Newberry has established the FAA. The first offical press release is below:


The Foundation for the Advancement of Art is a new 501(c)(3) educational non-profit being established in California, USA. Its long-term goal is to place Enlightenment Art in the world's most important art institutions. Enlightenment art is painting and sculpture that represent the integration of form, passion, originality, content, intelligence, and heroism. The foundation will bring attention to living artists that are creating advances in the history of art, the fundamental aesthetic theories that support the Enlightenment stance, and the nature and history of Postmodernist art and theory. The immediate goal of the organization is to convey to the art world that a revolution of Enlightenism in the arts is under way. Such a position will be made clear with an anticipated 1-day convention to take place at the Pierre Hotel in Manhattan in the spring in 03, targeting the art world elite, including curators, critics, artists, art magazines, and the media.

Anticipated speakers are painter Michael Newberry, Rockford College Philosophy Dept. Chair Steven R.C. Hicks, and sculptors Martine Vaugel and Stuart Mark Feldman. The organization is currently seeking financial contributors and professional aesthetic scholars who may wish to lecture or contribute literature towards the FAA mission. On the board of directors are Robin Priest, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Maypeley, and Bonnie Downey, Director of Taxes, EMEA. For more information, contact FAA Project Manager Brett Holverstott at brett@holverstott.com. By mail,

5, 85100 Rhodes, Greece.

A website with more information will be established soon.

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