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Use of Banks and Dollars: Enabling Infringements on Your Liberty
by Dean Michael Gores

Banks and dollars had been great, because they helped us trade honest market goods. They still perform this service, which is wonderful.


But... trading via using banks and dollars (government enforced monopoly (fiat) money) is not without cost. In fact, your use of them has significant costs not only financially but also results in significant infringement on your and my personal freedom.


Here's an overview on whats going on:


- Poor judgment of bankers in the management of your money results in the loss of your money. If the deposits are “guaranteed" by the government, then your deposit is reimbursed through your tax payments and the dilution of your wage money. Tax payers are forced (slaves) to bail out the banks. Newly fabricated fiat money steals purchasing power from wage earners by diluting the market value of their hard earned wages.


- Many corrupt bankers and politicians (central government) print/fabricate new fiat money to incentivize the free market to serve their interests rather than to serve the interests of the general population. Again, this new additional money added to the dollar pool in the economy steals purchasing power from wage earners by diluting the market value of their hard earned wages. Banker and politician interests have proven to use this theft to fund the enforcement of laws that infringe on your and my personal freedoms. This is no small matter. In fact, I believe that the primary source of power of the US Federal government members is their enforcement of the use of US dollars, and then their ability to print dollars for themselves.


- Honest bankers are extremely vulnerable to theft committed by individuals, gangs, and governments. Hence there is no longer option to use bank facilitated money transfer without also being victim to bank "haircuts", bailouts & money delusion, and central government abuses.


Hence using banks and dollars (government enforced monopoly (fiat) money) now has significant costs to your and my finances and personal freedoms. Not to say that all bank and government workers are evil... I believe a vast majority of them are just looking for the best opportunity available to them. Unfortunately through our use of banks and dollars, we are enabling the corrupt ones to victimize us.


Bitcoin is a promising new distributed digital currency that enables you to trade and store market purchasing power without the above costs of using banks nor dollars.

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