Rebirth of Reason

War for Men's Minds

Socialist or Capitalist, What are You?
by Dean Michael Gores

Socialists: say producers must provide the bare necessities for Everyone (by forcing producers to give to others)

Capitalists: say producers must have full control of their own products (and let less fortunate people die if no one is willing to help them using their own resources)

Why do people choose one way or the other? Both sides make cases and claims that they are the most moral, both have convincing arguments. So which side should you choose?

Option Socialist: Make a living by begging, "moral" denunciation, leaching, coercing.

Option Capitalist: Make a living by doing something that creates value for yourself and others (food, shelter, material goods, entertainment, tactical defense & offense, safety, health, communications, information, waste management, philosophy, scientific & technological development) and gaining such things through consensual trade.

What is your character? What kind of man/woman are you making yourself?

Are you pro-life? Of all the people in the world, which people do you value the most, and why? Whose lives would you like to promote? By what means?

Dean Michael Gores
Scientific & Technological Developer, Philosopher
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