Rebirth of Reason


God Save the Queen!
by Marcus Bachler

From Jun 4, 2002.

God Save the Queen!

Why? No one else should.

Not the Queen the person, but the Queen (monarchy) the public institution.

The Queen was praised today by the Lord Mayor of London and Tony Blair for 50 years of "service above self". Translation "Not wanting the position, you have sacrificed yourself to (what I perceive to be) the welfare of the nation, i.e. your the nations bitch!"

That is where the rot begins, with the idea that you are great if you sacrifice yourself to the state. Forty Supporters of Movement Against the Monarchy (MA'M) gathered at tower hill for an "execute the queen" street party and held banners outside Buckingham Palace declaring "50 years of crap".

The vast majority of the British public are quite happy with the Monarchy. When challenged on the subject the debate is reduced to the trivial, i.e. the queen has no real power, she is great for tourism, tradition, patriotism, charities etc. If the monarchy is ever abolished, it will not be based upon any principles, but due to some scandal or lull in popularity. The UK public have never built their state institutions upon consistent principles, and neither will they ever be able to defend them with principles.

The poor confused Queen at last nights pop concert, obviously more at home listening to Handel's Messiah, was almost hiding behind her son Charles. She is slave to pop culture, slave to the masses. That is what the 50th Jubilee celebrates! 50 years of indoctrination, brain washing and the brain-dead culture. I fear that the British public will never learn to think in principles. Any future momentary victories for liberty will fall down like a stack of playing cards.

Not "God Save the Queen", but "God give us a brain!"

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