Absolute Horror

Logan Feys

Absolute horror.

That's the only way I can describe my reaction to the despicable acts carried out against the people of the United States and the civilized world itself. I once stood on the very top of one of the World Trade Center towers and I loved (and still love) what those buildings stood for. I knew no one personally who was a victim of the mass murders, but I felt a pain as deep as many of those who have been grieving over the losses of loved ones.

I was actually on vacation overseas when I was hit with the news that the 110- story architectural wonders were under attack. When I heard that the proud symbols of capitalism and freedom had collapsed, I thought the world might collapse with them.

Fortunately, it hasn't -- yet. But it will someday unless the perpetrators of terror, and the hideous philosophical and moral ideas that guide them, are crushed.

I often use current events as a means of illustrating the relevance and importance of larger philosophical issues. But in the current crisis, the line between good and evil is so obvious, and the threat posed by the forces of evil is so immediate and so grave, that the only philosophical point that needs to be emphasized is that of valuing life and defending it against those who seek to destroy it.

We, the civilized people of the world who value life must stand united -- yes, united, as individuals -- to fight against the monsters of the world who seek nothing but death and destruction. That means we must be willing to go to war and to wage war for as long as it takes to wipe out organized terrorism. That means ridding this world of Osama Bin Laden, his cohorts, and all those who have deliberately helped make their unspeakably savage acts possible.

President Bush and his administration now have the responsibility of saving civilization. They deserve our strongest support in their efforts toward that end.