Rebirth of Reason

Kyrel Zantonavitch

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I seem to be about 95% of an Objectivist. Or at least 95% of the free-thinking, free-swinging, damn-the-torpedoes variety. I agree with maybe 99% of the metaphysics, epistemology, logic, and politics; and maybe 90% of the ethics, aesthetics, and spirituality. But I also consider myself to be a pure liberal. Evidently the first. It is my overwhelming conviction that the glorious world of the future -- of the ReEnlightenment or Reasonist Instauration (so to speak) -- will consist of many purely rational philosophies. It won't just be Objectivism. This magnificent, wondrous, sunlit future will, in all great likelihood, consist of cleaned-up and purified versions of the philosophies of Ayn Rand, Aristotle, Epicurus, Zeno the Stoic, the Atomists, the Enlightenment liberals, and many others. Vast human diversity in nature and nurture insures that different souls will choose slightly different, entirely rational thought-systems to guide them, especially with regard to ethics, aesthetics, and spirituality. To explore and analyze some of these new, fundamental, and exhilarating possibilities I run a small think tank.

My new book is called Pure Liberal Fire and is located here.

(I currently reside in New York City and can reached at zantonavitch @ gmail .com.)

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August 8, 2006
War for Men's Minds
Fighting Both Enemies to an Actual Victory
by Kyrel Zantonavitch
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Some radical thoughts on the current war between Israel and Lebanon. (Read more...)
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Star Wars and Smartassery
Star Wars and Smartassery

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5blbv4WFriM&eurl= ... (Read More)

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