Rebirth of Reason

War for Men's Minds

Let The Word Go Forth: The Torch Is Passed To A New Generation ... !
by Lindsay Perigo

This is not so much an article as an announcement. It is with great pleasure, and not a small degree of relief, that I announce the appointment of Jason Dixon to the position currently held by me of Editor of SOLOHQ. This means that from this day forth, it'll be Jason who edits and posts your articles. Among the boons this will be for me is that it will free me up to concentrate on writing articles of my own—something I, as Founder and Principal, should have been doing more frequently than I have been. (Needless to say, I hope at the same time that Jason will continue to contribute copious articles himself!)

In short order, Jason has become one of SOLO's stars. His intelligence, literacy, eloquence, humour and passionate commitment to SOLO's ideals mark him out as a quintessential SOLOist and NEM. These qualities, embodying so well SOLO's distinctive KASS culture, make him an ideal person to oversee the daily content of SOLOHQ.

Please give him all your support by contributing articles prolifically. And ease his burden by submitting them in as clean a form as you can—spelling/grammar/punctuation-checked, etc..

This change is part of a package of measures arising from the aftermath of SOLOC 4—measures that will reinforce SOLO's standing as the organisation that "lit Objectivism on fire" (Julia Brent, Operations Director) and help us change the very culture of Objectivism ... and that of the whole world. Stand by for more!

Congratulations, Jason—and bon voyage!

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